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4 definitions found
 for truncated
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Truncated \Trun"ca*ted\, a.
     1. Cut off; cut short; maimed.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. (Min.) Replaced, or cut off, by a plane, especially when
        equally inclined to the adjoining faces; as, a truncated
        [1913 Webster]
     3. (Zool.) Lacking the apex; -- said of certain spiral shells
        in which the apex naturally drops off.
        [1913 Webster]
     Truncated cone or Truncated pyramid (Geom.), a cone or
        pyramid whose vertex is cut off by a plane, the plane
        being usually parallel to the base.
        [1913 Webster]

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Truncate \Trun"cate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Truncated; p. pr. &
     vb. n. Truncating.] [L. truncatus, p. p. of truncare to cut
     off, mutilate, fr. truncus maimed, mutilated, cut short. See
     To cut off; to lop; to maim.
     [1913 Webster]

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      adj 1: cut short in duration; "the abbreviated speech"; "her
             shortened life was clearly the result of smoking"; "an
             unsatisfactory truncated conversation" [syn:
             abbreviated, shortened, truncated]
      2: terminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or
         point cut off; "a truncate leaf"; "truncated volcanic
         mountains"; "a truncated pyramid" [syn: truncate,

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  77 Moby Thesaurus words for "truncated":
     Spartan, abbreviated, abridged, aposiopestic, bandy, bandy-legged,
     blemished, bloated, bowlegged, brief, brusque, butchered,
     castrated, clipped, close, club-footed, compact, compendious,
     compressed, concise, condensed, contracted, crisp, curt, cut,
     cut short, defaced, deformed, disfigured, docked, dwarfed,
     elliptic, epigrammatic, flatfooted, garbled, gnomic, grotesque,
     hashed, ill-made, ill-proportioned, ill-shaped, knock-kneed,
     laconic, lopped, malformed, mangled, marred, misbegotten,
     misproportioned, misshapen, monstrous, mutilated, out of shape,
     pigeon-toed, pithy, pointed, pruned, pug-nosed, rachitic, reserved,
     rickety, sententious, short, short and sweet, shortened, simous,
     snub-nosed, stumpy, succinct, summary, swaybacked, synopsized,
     taciturn, talipedic, terse, tight, to the point

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