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1 definition found
 for tittle- tattle
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  88 Moby Thesaurus words for "tittle tattle":
     babble, babblement, back-fence gossip, backchat, bavardage,
     be closeted with, beauty-parlor chitchat, bibble-babble, blab,
     blabber, blah-blah, blather, blether, blethers, cackle, caquet,
     caqueterie, chat, chatter, chitchat, chitter-chatter, clack,
     clatter, cocktail-party chitchat, coze, dither, gab, gabble, gam,
     gas, gibber, gibble-gabble, go on, gossip, gossiping,
     gossipmongering, gossipry, groundless rumor, guff, gush, haver,
     hot air, idle chat, idle talk, jabber, jaw, make conversation,
     mere talk, natter, newsmongering, nonsense talk, palaver, patter,
     piece of gossip, pour forth, prate, prating, prattle,
     prittle-prattle, ramble on, rattle, rattle on, reel off,
     retail gossip, run on, small talk, spout, spout off, story,
     table talk, tale, talebearing, taletelling, talk, talk away,
     talk nonsense, talk on, talkee-talkee, tattle, tea-table talk,
     tell idle tales, tete-a-tete, twaddle, twattle, visit, waffle, yak,

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