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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  shar file
      ("Shell archive", after ar and tar)
     Any of the many Unix programs that creates a flattened
     representation of one or more files, with the unique property
     that it can be unflattened (the original files extracted)
     merely by feeding it through a standard Unix shell.  The
     output of shar, known as a "shar file" or "sharchive", can be
     distributed to anyone running Unix, and no special unpacking
     software is required.
     Sharchives are intriguing in that they are typically created
     by shell scripts; the script that produces sharchives is thus
     a script which produces self-unpacking scripts, which may
     themselves contain scripts.  The disadvantage of sharchives
     are that they are an ideal venue for Trojan horse attacks
     and that, for recipients not running Unix, no simple
     un-sharchiving program is possible; sharchives can and do make
     use of arbitrarily-powerful shell features and other Unix
     Different implementations of shar vary in sophistication.
     Some just uuencode each input file and output commands to
     uudecode the result, others include extensive checking to
     make sure the files have been transferred without corruption
     and that all parts of a multi-file sharchive have been
     The unshar utility strips off mail and news headers before
     passing the remainder of its input to sh.

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