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 for push media
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  push media
      A model of media distribution where items of
     content are sent to the user (viewer, listener, etc.) in a
     sequence, and at a rate, determined by a server to which the
     user has connected.  This contrasts with pull media where
     the user requests each item individually.  Push media usually
     entail some notion of a "channel" which the user selects and
     which delivers a particular kind of content.
     Broadcast television is (for the most part) the prototypical
     example of push media: you turn on the TV set, select a
     channel and shows and commercials stream out until you turn
     the set off.
     By contrast, the web is (mostly) the prototypical
     example of pull media: each "page", each bit of content, comes
     to the user only if he requests it; put down the keyboard and
     the mouse, and everything stops.
     At the time of writing (April 1997), much effort is being put
     into blurring the line between push media and pull media.
     Most of this is aimed at bringing more push media to the
     Internet, mainly as a way to disseminate advertising, since
     telling people about products they didn't know they wanted is
     very difficult in a strict pull media model.
     These emergent forms of push media are generally variations on
     targeted advertising mixed in with bits of useful content.
     "At home on your computer, the same system will run soothing
     screensavers underneath regular news flashes, all while
     keeping track, in one corner, of press releases from companies
     whose stocks you own.  With frequent commercial messages, of
     course."  (Wired, March 1997, page 12).
     http://pointcast.com)">Pointcast (http://pointcast.com) is probably the best
     known push system on the Internet at the time of writing.
     As part of the eternal desire to apply a fun new words to
     boring old things, "push" is occasionally used to mean nothing
     more than email spam.

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