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 for op code
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  operation code
  op code
      (Always "op code" when spoken) The part or parts
     of a machine language instruction which determines what
     kind of action the computer should take, e.g. add, jump, load,
     store.  In any particular instruction set certain fixed bit
     positions within the instruction word contain the op code,
     others give parameters such as the addresses or registers
     involved.  For example, in a 32-bit instruction the most
     significant eight bits might be the op code giving 256
     possible operations.
     For some instruction sets, certain values in the fixed bit
     positions may select a group of operations and the exact
     operation may depend on other bits within instruction word or
     subsequent words.
     When programming in assembly language, the op code is
     represented by a readable name called an instruction

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