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 for network, the
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  network, the
  The Network
     1.  (Or "the net") The union of all the
     major noncommercial, academic and hacker-oriented networks,
     such as Internet, the old ARPANET, NSFnet, BITNET, and
     the virtual UUCP and Usenet "networks", plus the corporate
     in-house networks and commercial time-sharing services (such
     as CompuServe) that gateway to them.
     A site was generally considered "on the network" if it could
     be reached by electronic mail through some combination of
     Internet-style (@-sign) and UUCP ({bang-path) addresses.
     Since the explosion of the Internet in the mid 1990s, the term
     is now synonymous with the Internet.
     See network address.
     2.  A fictional conspiracy of libertarian
     hacker-subversives and anti-authoritarian monkeywrenchers
     described in Robert Anton Wilson's novel "Schrödinger's Cat",
     to which many hackers have subsequently decided they belong
     (this is an example of ha ha only serious).
     [{Jargon File]

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