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 for instruction scheduling
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  instruction scheduling
      The compiler phase that orders instructions
     on a pipelined, superscalar, or VLIW architecture so as
     to maximise the number of function units operating in parallel
     and to minimise the time they spend waiting for each other.
     Examples are filling a delay slot; interspersing
     floating-point instructions with integer instructions to
     keep both units operating; making adjacent instructions
     independent, e.g. one which writes a register and another which
     reads from it; separating memory writes to avoid filling the
     write buffer.
     Norman P. Jouppi and David W. Wall, "Available
     Instruction-Level Parallelism for Superscalar and
     Superpipelined Processors"
     Proceedings of the Third International Conference on
     Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating
     Systems, pp. 272--282, 1989.
     [The SPARC Architecture Manual, v8, ISBN 0-13-825001-4]

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