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 for greatest lower bound
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  greatest lower bound
      (glb, meet, infimum) The greatest lower bound of two
     elements, a and b is an element c such that c <= a and c <= b
     and if there is any other lower bound c' then c' <= c.
     The greatest lower bound of a set S is the greatest element b
     such that for all s in S, b <= s.  The glb of mutually
     comparable elements is their minimum but in the presence of
     incomparable elements, if the glb exists, it will be some
     other element less than all of them.
     glb is the dual to least upper bound.
     (In LaTeX "<=" is written as \sqsubseteq, the glb of two
     elements a and b is written as a \sqcap b and the glb of set
     S as \bigsqcap S).

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