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3 definitions found
 for exuberant
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Exuberant \Ex*u"ber*ant\, a. [L. exuberans, exuberantis, p. pr.
     of exuberare to be abundant; ex + uberare to be fruitful, fr.
     uber fruitful, fertile, uber udder: cf. F. exub['e]rant. See
     Characterized by abundance or superabundance; plenteous;
     rich; overflowing; copious or excessive in production; as,
     exuberant goodness; an exuberant intellect; exuberant
     foliage. "Exuberant spring." --Thomson. -- Ex*u"ber*ant*ly,
     [1913 Webster]

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      adj 1: joyously unrestrained [syn: ebullient, exuberant,
      2: unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings;
         "extravagant praise"; "exuberant compliments"; "overweening
         ambition"; "overweening greed" [syn: excessive,
         extravagant, exuberant, overweening]
      3: produced or growing in extreme abundance; "their riotous
         blooming" [syn: exuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse,

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  175 Moby Thesaurus words for "exuberant":
     ablaze, abounding, abundant, affluent, afire, all-sufficing, ample,
     animated, antic, aplenty, ardent, balmy, blooming, blossoming,
     boiling over, booming, bottomless, bounteous, bountiful, brash,
     breathless, burning, bursting, bursting out, capersome, clear,
     coltish, copious, cordial, creative, delirious, dense, diffuse,
     diffusive, drunk, ebullient, effervescent, effuse, effusive,
     enthusiastic, epidemic, excited, exhaustless, extravagant, fair,
     fat, febrile, fecund, fertile, fervent, fervid, fevered, feverish,
     fiery, flaming, flourishing, flowering, flush, flushed, formless,
     frisky, frolicsome, fructiferous, fruitful, fruiting, full,
     full of beans, galore, gamesome, gay, generous, glowing,
     going strong, gross, gushing, gushy, halcyon, hearty, heated,
     heavy, high-spirited, hot, impassioned, impenetrable,
     in full swing, in good case, in plenty, in quantity, inexhaustible,
     intense, intoxicated, jungled, jungly, keen, lavish, liberal,
     lively, lush, luxuriant, many, maximal, much, numerous, on fire,
     opulent, overflowing, overgrown, overrun, palmy, passionate,
     piping, playful, plenitudinous, plenteous, plentiful, plenty,
     pleonastic, pregnant, prevailing, prevalent, prodigal, productive,
     profuse, profusive, proliferous, prolific, prospering, rampant,
     rank, red-hot, redundant, reiterative, repetitive, replete, rich,
     rife, riotous, rollicking, rollicksome, rompish, rosy,
     running over, seminal, skittish, sleek, spirited, sportive,
     sprightly, steaming, steamy, superabundant, swarming, tautologous,
     teeming, thick, thriving, uberous, unrestrained, unweeded,
     vigorous, vital, vivacious, warm, wealthy, weed-choked,
     weed-ridden, weedy, well-found, well-furnished, well-provided,
     well-stocked, wholesale, zealous, zestful, zippy

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