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 for difference
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Difference \Dif"fer*ence\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Differenced; p.
     pr. & vb. n. Differencing.]
     To cause to differ; to make different; to mark as different;
     to distinguish.
     [1913 Webster]
           Thou mayest difference gods from men.    --Chapman.
     [1913 Webster]
           Kings, in receiving justice and undergoing trial, are
           not differenced from the meanest subject. --Milton.
     [1913 Webster]
           So completely differenced by their separate and
           individual characters that we at once acknowledge them
           as distinct persons.                     --Sir W.
     [1913 Webster]

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Difference \Dif"fer*ence\, n. [F. diff['e]rence, L.
     1. The act of differing; the state or measure of being
        different or unlike; distinction; dissimilarity;
        unlikeness; variation; as, a difference of quality in
        paper; a difference in degrees of heat, or of light; what
        is the difference between the innocent and the guilty?
        [1913 Webster]
              Differencies of administration, but the same Lord.
                                                    --1 Cor. xii.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. Disagreement in opinion; dissension; controversy; quarrel;
        hence, cause of dissension; matter in controversy.
        [1913 Webster]
              What was the difference? It was a contention in
              public.                               --Shak.
        [1913 Webster]
              Away therefore went I with the constable, leaving
              the old warden and the young constable to compose
              their difference as they could.       --T. Ellwood.
        [1913 Webster]
     3. That by which one thing differs from another; that which
        distinguishes or causes to differ; mark of distinction;
        characteristic quality; specific attribute.
        [1913 Webster]
              The marks and differences of sovereignty. --Davies.
        [1913 Webster]
     4. Choice; preference. [Obs.]
        [1913 Webster]
              That now he chooseth with vile difference
              To be a beast, and lack intelligence. --Spenser.
        [1913 Webster]
     5. (Her.) An addition to a coat of arms to distinguish the
        bearings of two persons, which would otherwise be the
        same. See Augmentation, and Marks of cadency, under
        [1913 Webster]
     6. (Logic) The quality or attribute which is added to those
        of the genus to constitute a species; a differentia.
        [1913 Webster]
     7. (Math.) The quantity by which one quantity differs from
        another, or the remainder left after subtracting the one
        from the other.
        [1913 Webster]
     Ascensional difference. See under Ascensional.
     Syn: Distinction; dissimilarity; dissimilitude; variation;
          diversity; variety; contrariety; disagreement; variance;
          contest; contention; dispute; controversy; debate;
          quarrel; wrangle; strife.
          [1913 Webster]

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      n 1: the quality of being unlike or dissimilar; "there are many
           differences between jazz and rock" [ant: sameness]
      2: a variation that deviates from the standard or norm; "the
         deviation from the mean" [syn: deviation, divergence,
         departure, difference]
      3: a disagreement or argument about something important; "he had
         a dispute with his wife"; "there were irreconcilable
         differences"; "the familiar conflict between Republicans and
         Democrats" [syn: dispute, difference, difference of
         opinion, conflict]
      4: a significant change; "the difference in her is amazing";
         "his support made a real difference"
      5: the number that remains after subtraction; the number that
         when added to the subtrahend gives the minuend [syn:
         remainder, difference]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  360 Moby Thesaurus words for "difference":
     aberrance, aberrancy, aberration, abnormality, abnormity,
     about-face, accommodation, account, achievement, adaptation,
     adjustment, aggregate, agreement to disagree, alerion, alienation,
     alteration, amelioration, amorphism, amount, animal charge,
     annulet, anomalism, anomalousness, anomaly, antagonism, apostasy,
     argent, argument, argumentation, armorial bearings, armory, arms,
     asymmetry, azure, bad copy, bad likeness, balance, bandeau, bar,
     bar sinister, baton, bearings, bend, bend sinister, betterment,
     billet, blazon, blazonry, bordure, box score, break, broad arrow,
     cadency mark, camouflage, canton, capriciousness, cast, change,
     change of heart, changeability, changeableness, chaplet, character,
     characteristic, charge, chevron, chief, choppiness, clash,
     clashing, coat of arms, cockatrice, conflict, constructive change,
     contention, continuity, contradiction, contradistinction,
     contrariety, contrast, controversy, conversion, coronet, count,
     counter-culture, credit, crescent, crest, cross, cross moline,
     cross-purposes, crown, dappleness, defection, deficit,
     degeneration, degenerative change, derangement, deterioration,
     deviation, device, difference of opinion, differencing,
     differentiate, differentiation, difficulty, disaccord,
     disaccordance, disagreement, disapprobation, disapproval, discern,
     discontinuity, discord, discordance, discordancy, discrepancy,
     discriminate, disequilibrium, disguise, disharmony, disorder,
     disparity, disproportion, dispute, dissatisfaction, dissemblance,
     dissension, dissent, dissentience, dissidence, dissimilarity,
     dissimilation, dissimilitude, dissonance, distinction, distinguish,
     disunion, disunity, divarication, divergence, divergency,
     diversification, diversion, diversity, dividedness, division,
     dropping out, eagle, eccentricity, epact, ermine, ermines,
     erminites, erminois, erraticism, escutcheon, extricate, faction,
     falcon, fess, fess point, field, file, fitting, flanch,
     fleur-de-lis, flip-flop, fret, fur, fusil, garland, gradual change,
     griffin, gules, gyron, hatchment, helmet, heraldic device,
     heterogeneity, heteromorphism, honor point, idiosyncrasy,
     imbalance, impalement, impaling, improvement, inaccordance,
     inadequacy, incommensurability, incomparability, incongruity,
     inconsistency, inconstancy, inequality, inequity, inescutcheon,
     inferiority, injustice, instability, insufficiency, irregularity,
     jarring, jerkiness, label, leftovers, lion, lozenge, makeup,
     mantling, marshaling, martlet, mascle, melioration, mercuriality,
     mere caricature, metal, metamorphosis, minority opinion,
     misunderstanding, mitigation, modification, modulation,
     monstrosity, motleyness, motto, mullet, mutability, nature,
     negation, net, nombril point, nonagreement, nonassent,
     nonconcurrence, nonconformism, nonconformity, nonconsent,
     nonstandardization, nonuniformity, number, octofoil, odds,
     opposition, oppugnancy, or, ordinary, orle, otherness, overbalance,
     overthrow, pale, paly, pean, peculiarity, pheon, polarization,
     poor imitation, product, purpure, qualification, quantity, quarrel,
     quarter, quartering, radical change, raggedness, re-creation,
     realignment, reckoning, recusance, recusancy, redesign, reform,
     reformation, rejection, remainder, remaking, renewal, repudiation,
     repugnance, reshaping, rest, restructuring, reversal, revival,
     revivification, revolution, rose, sable, saltire, score, scutcheon,
     secession, separate, sever, severalize, shield, shift, shortcoming,
     spread eagle, strife, subnormality, subordinary, sudden change,
     sum, summation, superiority, surplus, switch, tale, tally, tenne,
     teratism, the bottom line, the story, the whole story, tincture,
     torse, total, total change, transformation, transition, tressure,
     turn, turnabout, unbalance, unconformism, unconformity,
     underground, unevenness, unfair discrimination, unharmoniousness,
     unicorn, unlikeness, unnaturalism, unnaturalness, unorthodoxy,
     unresemblance, unsameness, unsimilarity, unsteadiness, upheaval,
     vair, variability, variance, variation, variegation, variety,
     variousness, versatility, vert, violent change, wavering, whole,
     withdrawal, worsening, wreath, x number, yale

From Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856) :

  DIFFERENCE. A dispute, contest, disagreement, quarrel.

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