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 for commercial at
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  commercial at
  at sign
      "@".  ASCII code 64.  Common names: at sign, at,
     strudel.  Rare: each, vortex, whorl, INTERCAL: whirlpool,
     cyclone, snail, ape, cat, rose, cabbage, amphora.  ITU-T:
     commercial at.
     The @ sign is used in an electronic mail address to separate
     the local part from the hostname.  This dates back to July
     1972 when Ray Tomlinson was designing the first[?] e-mail
     It is ironic that @ has become a trendy mark of Internet
     awareness since it is a very old symbol, derived from the
     latin preposition "ad" (at).
     Giorgio Stabile, a professor of history in Rome, has traced
     the symbol back to the Italian Renaissance in a Roman
     mercantile document signed by Francesco Lapi on 1536-05-04.
     In Dutch it is called "apestaartje" (little ape-tail), in
     German "affenschwanz" (ape tail).  The French name is
     "arobase".  In Spain and Portugal it denotes a weight of about
     25 pounds, the weight and the symbol are called "arroba".
     Italians call it "chiocciola" (snail).
     See @-party.

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