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3 definitions found
 for coarseness
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Coarseness \Coarse"ness\ (k[=o]rs"n[e^]s), n.
     The quality or state of being coarse; roughness; inelegance;
     vulgarity; grossness; as, coarseness of food, texture,
     manners, or language. "The coarseness of the sackcloth."
     --Dr. H. More.
     [1913 Webster]
           Pardon the coarseness of the illustration.
     [1913 Webster]
           A coarseness and vulgarity in all the proceedings.
     [1913 Webster]

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      n 1: language or humor that is down-to-earth; "the saltiness of
           their language was inappropriate"; "self-parody and
           saltiness riddled their core genre" [syn: saltiness,
      2: the quality of being composed of relatively large particles
         [syn: coarseness, graininess, granularity]
      3: looseness or roughness in texture (as of cloth) [syn:
         coarseness, nubbiness, tweediness]
      4: the quality of lacking taste and refinement [syn:
         coarseness, commonness, grossness, vulgarity,
         vulgarism, raunch]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  166 Moby Thesaurus words for "coarseness":
     Adam, Gothicism, animalism, animality, bad manners, bad taste,
     barbarism, barbarousness, baseness, beastliness, bestiality,
     bodily size, body, bombasticness, brutality, brutishness, bulk,
     cacology, cacophony, caddishness, callowness, carnal nature,
     carnal-mindedness, carnality, clumsiness, coarse-grainedness,
     commonness, corpulence, cracked voice, crassness, crudeness,
     crudity, cumbrousness, depth, discord, discourteousness,
     discourtesy, distance through, dryness, dysphemism, earthiness,
     fallen nature, fallen state, fatness, flesh, fleshliness,
     fourth-rateness, frankness, gaudiness, gracelessness, graininess,
     granularity, granulation, greenness, grittiness, gross behavior,
     grossness, gruffness, gutturalism, gutturality, gutturalness,
     hardness, harshness, heaviness, hoarseness, humbleness, huskiness,
     ill breeding, ill manners, ill-balanced sentences, immatureness,
     immaturity, impoliteness, impropriety, impurity, incivility,
     inconcinnity, inconsiderateness, incorrectness, indecorousness,
     inelegance, inelegancy, infelicity, inferiority, inferiorness,
     insensitivity, inurbanity, lack of finish, lack of polish,
     lapsed state, leadenness, loudness, loutishness, lowliness,
     mannerlessness, mass, materialism, meanness, meretriciousness,
     nondevelopment, nonspirituality, obscenity, offensiveness,
     oversimplicity, oversimplification, pompousness, ponderousness,
     poor diction, poorness, postlapsarian state, raciness, rankness,
     raspiness, raucity, rawness, reductionism, ribaldry, roughness,
     rudeness, saltiness, scrapiness, scratchiness, second-rateness,
     sesquipedalianism, sesquipedality, simplism, slipshod construction,
     spiciness, stertorousness, stiltedness, swinishness, tactlessness,
     tastelessness, the Old Adam, the beast, the flesh,
     the offending Adam, the rough, the third dimension, thickness,
     third-rateness, throatiness, turgidity, ugliness, uncourtliness,
     uncouthness, uncultivation, undevelopment, uneuphoniousness,
     unfinish, unfinishedness, unfledgedness, ungallantness,
     ungentlemanliness, ungracefulness, ungraciousness, unmannerliness,
     unpoliteness, unrefinement, unripeness, unseemliness,
     unsolicitousness, unspirituality, unwieldiness, vulgarism,

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