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 for Windows Sockets
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Windows sockets
      (Winsock) A specification for
     Microsoft Windows network software, describing how
     applications can access network services, especially TCP/IP.
     Winsock is intended to provide a single API to which
     application developers should program and to which multiple
     network software vendors should conform.  For any particular
     version of Microsoft Windows, it defines a binary interface
     ({ABI) such that an application written to the Windows
     Sockets API can work with a conformant protocol
     implementation from any network software vendor.
     Winsock was conceived at Fall Interop '91 during a Birds of a
     Feather session.
     Windows Sockets is supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows
     for Workgroups, Win32s, Windows 95 and Windows NT.  It
     will support protocols other than TCP/IP.  Under Windows
     NT, Microsoft will provide Windows Sockets support over
     TCP/IP+and+IPX/{SPX">TCP/IP and IPX/{SPX.  DEC will be implementing
     DECNet.  Windows NT will include mechanisms for multiple
     protocol support in Windows Sockets, both 32-bit and 16 bit.
     Mark Towfiq said, "The next rev. of Winsock will not be until
     toward the end of 1993.  We need 1.1 of the API to become
     firmly settled and implemented first."
     Windows Sockets API
     or ftp://microdyne.com/pub/winsock)">(ftp://microdyne.com/pub/winsock) or send a message
     "help" to either  or
     ftp://rhino.microsoft.com)">Windows Sockets specification (ftp://rhino.microsoft.com).
     Currently NetManage (NEWT), Distinct, FTP and Frontier are
     shipping Winsock TCP/IP stacks, as is Microsoft (Windows
     NT and TCP/IP for WFW), Beame & Whiteside Software (v1.1
     compliant), and Sun PC-NFS.  Windows 95 has "dial-up
     networking" which supports Winsock and TCP/IP.
     winsock.dll is available from some TCP/IP stack vendors.
     Novell has one in beta for their Lan Workplace for DOS.
     Peter Tattam  is
     alpha-testing a shareware Windows Sockets compliant TCP/IP
     stack ftp://ftp.utas.edu.au/pc/trumpet/winsock/winsock.zip)">(ftp://ftp.utas.edu.au/pc/trumpet/winsock/winsock.zip).
     and ftp://ftp.utas.edu.au/pc/trumpet/winsock/winpkt.com)">(ftp://ftp.utas.edu.au/pc/trumpet/winsock/winpkt.com).
     The Consummate Winsock App List
     [Adapted from: Aboba, Bernard D., comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc
     Frequently Asked Questions, 1993 Usenet: news:news.answers,
     [Current status?]

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