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 for Vitriol of Mars
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Vitriol \Vit"ri*ol\, n. [F. vitriol; cf. Pr. vitriol, vetriol,
     Sp. & Pg. vitriolo, It. vitriuolo; fr. L. vitreolus of glass,
     vitreus vitreous. See Vitreous.] (Chem.)
     (a) A sulphate of any one of certain metals, as copper, iron,
         zinc, cobalt. So called on account of the glassy
         appearance or luster.
     (b) Sulphuric acid; -- called also oil of vitriol. So
         called because first made by the distillation of green
         vitriol. See Sulphuric acid, under Sulphuric.
         [1913 Webster]
     Blue vitriol. See under Blue.
     Green vitriol, ferrous sulphate; copperas. See under
     Oil of vitriol, sulphuric or vitriolic acid; -- popularly
        so called because it has the consistency of oil.
     Red vitriol, a native sulphate of cobalt.
     Vitriol of Mars, ferric sulphate, a white crystalline
        substance which dissolves in water, forming a red
     White vitriol, zinc sulphate, a white crystalline substance
        used in medicine and in dyeing. It is usually obtained by
        dissolving zinc in sulphuric acid, or by roasting and
        oxidizing certain zinc ores. Formerly called also vitriol
        of zinc.
        [1913 Webster]

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