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 for Trackpoint
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  pointing stick
      (Or "pointing stick", "nipple") A small knob found
     in the middle of some keyboards that works like a very short
     isometric joystick.  Pressing it toward or away from you or
     from side to side moves the pointer on the screen.  Ted
     Selker brought the concept of an in-keyboard pointing device
     to IBM in September 1987.  TrackPoint was introduced in 1992
     on the IBM ThinkPad and later on some desktops.
     It takes up virtually no extra room on the box or the work
     area and also requires minimal movement of the hands from the
     Many imitations of highly variable quality appeared.  Pointing
     sticks have also been used in many other notebook brands,
     including TI, HP, Compac, Dell, Toshiba
     (e.g. Portege 4000's "AccuPoint II"), and AST (e.g. Ascentia
     "TrackPoint" and "Trackpoint" are IBM trademarks.
     [INTERACT'90, North Holland Pub Co, pp. 700-706].

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