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 for Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language
      (SAIL) Dan Swinehart & Bob Sproull, Stanford AI
     Project, 1970.  A large ALGOL 60-like language for the DEC-10
     and DEC-20.  Its main feature is a symbolic data system based
     upon an associative store (originally called LEAP).  Items may
     be stored as unordered sets or as associations (triples).
     Processes, events and interrupts, contexts, backtracking and
     record garbage collection.  Block- structured macros.  "Recent
     Developments in SAIL - An ALGOL-based Language for Artificial
     Intelligence", J. Feldman et al, Proc FJCC 41(2), AFIPS (Fall
     1972).  (See MAINSAIL).
     The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language used at SAIL
     (the place).  It was an ALGOL 60 derivative with a coroutining
     facility and some new data types intended for building search
     trees and association lists.
     A number of interesting software systems were coded in SAIL,
     including early versions of FTP and TeX and a document
     formatting system called PUB.
     In 1978, there were half a dozen different operating systems
     for the PDP-10: WAITS (Stanford), ITS (MIT), TOPS-10 (DEC),
     CMU TOPS-10 (CMU), TENEX (BBN), and TOPS-20 (DEC, after
     SAIL was ported from WAITS to ITS so that MIT
     researchers could make use of software developed at Stanford
     University.  Every port usually required the rewriting of I/O
     code in each application.
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