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 for Sal catharticus
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Sal \Sal\ (s[a^]l), n. [L. See Salt.] (Chem. & Pharm.)
     [1913 Webster]
     Sal absinthii [NL.] (Old Chem.), an impure potassium
        carbonate obtained from the ashes of wormwood ({Artemisia
     Sal acetosellae [NL.] (Old Chem.), salt of sorrel.
     Sal alembroth. (Old Chem.) See Alembroth.
     Sal ammoniac (Chem.), ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, a white
        crystalline volatile substance having a sharp salty taste,
        obtained from gas works, from nitrogenous matter, etc. It
        is largely employed as a source of ammonia, as a reagent,
        and as an expectorant in bronchitis. So called because
        originally made from the soot from camel's dung at the
        temple of Jupiter Ammon in Africa. Called also muriate of
     Sal catharticus [NL.] (Old Med. Chem.), Epsom salts.
     Sal culinarius [L.] (Old Chem.), common salt, or sodium
     Sal Cyrenaicus. [NL.] (Old Chem.) See Sal ammoniac above.
     Sal de duobus, Sal duplicatum [NL.] (Old Chem.),
        potassium sulphate; -- so called because erroneously
        supposed to be composed of two salts, one acid and one
     Sal diureticus [NL.] (Old Med. Chem.), potassium acetate.
     Sal enixum [NL.] (Old Chem.), acid potassium sulphate.
     Sal gemmae [NL.] (Old Min.), common salt occuring native.
     Sal Jovis [NL.] (Old Chem.), salt tin, or stannic chloride;
        -- the alchemical name of tin being Jove.
     Sal Martis [NL.] (Old Chem.), green vitriol, or ferrous
        sulphate; -- the alchemical name of iron being Mars.
     Sal microcosmicum [NL.] (Old Chem.) See Microcosmic salt,
        under Microcosmic.
     Sal plumbi [NL.] (Old Chem.), sugar of lead.
     Sal prunella. (Old Chem.) See Prunella salt, under 1st
     Sal Saturni [NL.] (Old Chem.), sugar of lead, or lead
        acetate; -- the alchemical name of lead being Saturn.
     Sal sedativus [NL.] (Old Chem.), sedative salt, or boric
     Sal Seignette [F. seignette, sel de seignette] (Chem.),
        Rochelle salt.
     Sal soda (Chem.), sodium carbonate. See under Sodium.
     Sal vitrioli [NL.] (Old Chem.), white vitriol; zinc
     Sal volatile. [NL.]
     (a) (Chem.) See Sal ammoniac, above.
     (b) Spirits of ammonia.
         [1913 Webster]

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