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 for STFW
From The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003) :

   imp., /S?T?F?W/
      [Usenet] Common abbreviation for ?Search The Fucking Web?, a suggestion
      that what you're asking for is a query better handled by a search engine
      than a human being. Usage is common and exactly parallel to both senses of
      RTFM. A politer equivalent is GIYF.

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Search The Fucking Web
      (Always abbreviated STFW) A response implying that
     an inquirer could have easily found an answer to his question
     using Google or some other web search engine.  It
     is now often quicker and more productive to search the World-Wide
     Web than to RTFM.
     JFGI, GIYF and lmgtfy.com convey the same message.

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