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 for Real Soon Now
From The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003) :

  Real Soon Now
      [orig. from SF's fanzine community, popularized by Jerry Pournelle's column
      in BYTE]
      1. Supposed to be available (or fixed, or cheap, or whatever) real soon now
      according to somebody, but the speaker is quite skeptical.
      2. When one's gods, fates, or other time commitments permit one to get to
      it (in other words, don't hold your breath). Often abbreviated RSN. Compare
      copious free time.

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Real Soon Now
      (RSN) A phrase used ironically when you believe
     an event will take a long or unknown time to occur.  The term
     originated in SF's fanzine community, popularised by Jerry
     Pournelle's column in BYTE.
     The phrase can be used, for example, when a manager asks how long
     it will take you to debug some software and you have no idea.
     "I'll have it working Real Soon Now."
     [{Jargon File]

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