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 for RS-423
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      (Formerly "RS-423") An EIA
     serial line standard which specifies single ended
     communication.  The mechanical connections for this interface
     are specified by EIA-449.  Although it was originally
     intented as a successor of EIA-232 it is not widely used.
     The EIA-232 standard has its limits at 20kbps and 1.5m.
     EIA-423 can have a cable lenght of 1200m, and achieve a data
     rate of 100Kbps.  When no data is being transmitted, the
     serial line is at a logical zero (+3 to +15 Volts).  A logical
     one is represented as a signal level of -15 to -3 Volts.  In
     practise, one often finds signals which switch between
     nominally +4.5 and +0.5 Volts.  Such signals are large by
     modern standards, and because the impedance of the circuits is
     relatively high, the allowable bit rate is modest.  The data
     is preceded by a start bit which is always a logical
     one.  There may be seven or eight bits of data, possibly
     followed by an even or odd parity bit and one or two stop
     bits.  A "break" condition is a continuous logical one on the
     line which is what would be observed if nothing was connected.
     Comparing EIA-422, 423, 449 to RS-232-C
     http://rad.com/networks/1995/rs232/rs449.htm)">(http://rad.com/networks/1995/rs232/rs449.htm).  Details
     on RS-232, 422, 423 and 485

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