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 for Match tub
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Match \Match\ (m[a^]ch), n. [OE. macche, F. m[`e]che, F.
     m[`e]che, fr. L. myxa a lamp nozzle, Gr. my`xa mucus,
     nostril, a lamp nozzle. Cf. Mucus.]
     Anything used for catching and retaining or communicating
     fire, made of some substance which takes fire readily, or
     remains burning some time; esp., a small strip or splint of
     wood or cardboard dipped at one end in a substance which can
     be easily ignited by friction, as a preparation of phosphorus
     or chlorate of potassium.
     [1913 Webster]
     Match tub, a tub with a perforated cover for holding slow
        matches for firing cannon, esp. on board ship. The tub
        contains a little water in the bottom, for extinguishing
        sparks from the lighted matches.
     Quick match, threads of cotton or cotton wick soaked in a
        solution of gunpowder mixed with gum arabic and boiling
        water and afterwards strewed over with mealed powder. It
        burns at the rate of one yard in thirteen seconds, and is
        used as priming for heavy mortars, fireworks, etc.
     Slow match, slightly twisted hempen rope soaked in a
        solution of limewater and saltpeter or washed in a lye of
        water and wood ashes. It burns at the rate of four or five
        inches an hour, and is used for firing cannon, fireworks,
        [1913 Webster]

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