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 for Fence month
From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Fence \Fence\ (f[e^]ns), n. [Abbrev. from defence.]
     1. That which fends off attack or danger; a defense; a
        protection; a cover; security; shield.
        [1913 Webster]
              Let us be backed with God and with the seas,
              Which he hath given for fence impregnable. --Shak.
        [1913 Webster]
              A fence betwixt us and the victor's wrath.
        [1913 Webster]
     2. An inclosure about a field or other space, or about any
        object; especially, an inclosing structure of wood, iron,
        or other material, intended to prevent intrusion from
        without or straying from within.
        [1913 Webster]
              Leaps o'er the fence with ease into the fold.
        [1913 Webster]
     Note: In England a hedge, ditch, or wall, as well as a
           structure of boards, palings, or rails, is called a
           [1913 Webster]
     3. (Locks) A projection on the bolt, which passes through the
        tumbler gates in locking and unlocking.
        [1913 Webster]
     4. Self-defense by the use of the sword; the art and practice
        of fencing and sword play; hence, skill in debate and
        repartee. See Fencing.
        [1913 Webster]
              Enjoy your dear wit, and gay rhetoric,
              That hath so well been taught her dazzing fence.
        [1913 Webster]
              Of dauntless courage and consummate skill in fence.
        [1913 Webster]
     5. A receiver of stolen goods, or a place where they are
        received. [Slang] --Mayhew.
        [1913 Webster]
     Fence month (Forest Law), the month in which female deer
        are fawning, when hunting is prohibited. --Bullokar.
     Fence roof, a covering for defense. "They fitted their
        shields close to one another in manner of a fence roof."
     Fence time, the breeding time of fish or game, when they
        should not be killed.
     Rail fence, a fence made of rails, sometimes supported by
     Ring fence, a fence which encircles a large area, or a
        whole estate, within one inclosure.
     Worm fence, a zigzag fence composed of rails crossing one
        another at their ends; -- called also snake fence, or
        Virginia rail fence.
     To be on the fence, to be undecided or uncommitted in
        respect to two opposing parties or policies. [Colloq.]
        [1913 Webster]

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