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From V.E.R.A. -- Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms (February 2016) :

         [cable & wireless] European Computer industry Research Centre
  [gmbh] (ISP, org.)

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  European Computer-Industry Research Centre GmbH
      (ECRC) A joint research organisation founded in 1984 on
     the initiative of three major European manufacturers: Bull
     (France), ICL (UK) and Siemens (Germany).  Its activities
     were intended to enhance the future competitive ability of the
     European Information Technology industry and thus complement
     the work of national and international bodies.
     The Centre is intended to be the breeding ground for those
     ideas, techniques and products which are essential for the
     future use of electronic information processing.  The work of
     the Centre will focus on advanced information processing
     technology for the next generation of computers.
     ECRC is an independent company, owned equally by its
     shareholders.  The formal interface between ECRC and its
     shareholders consists of two bodies: The Shareholders'
     Council, which approves the Centre's programmes and budgets
     and supervises their execution and the Scientific Advisory
     Board, which advises the Shareholders' Council in determining
     future research directions.
     There are many collaborations between ECRC and its
     shareholders' companies on specific projects (Technology
     Transfer, prospective studies etc).  The Centre is staffed by
     highly qualified scientists drawn from different countries.
     Research staff are hired directly by ECRC, as well as some who
     come on assignment from the member companies, and others
     seconded from public research agencies and universities.
     Seminars are held which bring together specialists from the
     Centre and the member companies.
     ECRC's mission is to pursue research in fundamental areas of
     computer science.  The aim is to develop the theory,
     methodologies and tools needed to build innovative computer
     applications.  ECRC contributes actively to the international
     effort that is expanding the frontiers of knowledge in
     computer science.  It plays an important role in bridging the
     gap between research and industry by striving to work at the
     highest academic level with a strong industrial focus.  ECRC
     constitutes an opportunity in Europe for the best scientists
     and offers young researchers the possibility to mature in an
     environment which exposes them to both fundamental research
     and the process of delivering the results to industry.
     ECRC plays an important role in Europe and is involved in
     several European Community initiatives.  It is regularly
     consulted by the Commission of the European Communities on
     strategic issues, such as the definition of future research
     plans, international co-operation and relationships between
     academia and industry.
     Address: ECRC GmbH, Arabellastrasse 17, D-81925 Munich,
     Telephone: +49 (89) 926 99 0.  Fax: +49 (89) 926 99 170.

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