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 for C shell
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  C shell
      (csh) The Unix command-line interpreter
     shell and script language by William Joy, originating
     from Berkeley Unix.
     Unix systems up to around Unix Version 7 only had one
     shell - the Bourne shell, sh.  Csh had better interactive
     features, notably command input history, allowing earlier
     commands to be recalled and edited (though it was still not as
     good as the VMS equivalent of the time).
     Presumably, csh's C-like syntax was intended to endear it
     to programmers but sadly it lacks some sh features which are
     useful for writing shell scripts so you need to know two
     different syntaxes for every shell construct.
     A plethora of different shells followed csh, e.g. tcsh,
     ksh, bash, rc, but sh and csh are the only ones which
     are provided with most versions of Unix.

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