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/usr/bin/dict: invalid option -- 'O'
dict 1.12.1/rf on Linux 4.19.0-10-amd64
:Copyright 1997-2002 Rickard E. Faith (faith@dict.org)
:Copyright 2002-2007 Aleksey Cheusov (vle@gmx.net)
Usage: dict [options] [word]
Query a dictd server for the definition of a word
-h --host         specify server
:-p --port        specify port
:-d --database     select a database to search
:-m --match                match instead of define
:-s --strategy   strategy for matching or defining
:-c --config         specify configuration file
:-C --nocorrect            disable attempted spelling correction
:-D --dbs                  show available databases
:-S --strats               show available search strategies
:-H --serverhelp           show server help
:-i --info         show information about a database
:-I --serverinfo           show information about the server
:-a --noauth               disable authentication
:-u --user       username for authentication
:-k --key             shared secret for authentication
:-V --version              display version information
:-L --license              display copyright and license information
:   --help                 display this help
-v --verbose              be verbose
:-r --raw                  trace raw transaction
:   --debug          set debugging flag
   --pipesize       specify buffer size for pipelining (256)
   --client         additional text for client command
-M --mime                 send OPTION MIME command if server supports it
:-f --formatted            use strict tabbed format of output

Contact=webmaster@dict.org Specification=RFC 2229