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 for slow
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  383 Moby Thesaurus words for "slow":
     Boeotian, Micawberish, after time, almost unheard-of, ambling,
     apathetic, arid, arrest, arrested, averse, back, backpedal,
     backward, backwater, balking, balky, barren, behind,
     behind the times, behind time, behindhand, belated, belatedly,
     benumbed, blah, blank, blase, blocked, blockish, bloodless, blunt,
     blunt-witted, bone-lazy, bored, boring, bovine, brake, cadging,
     carefully, cautious, cautiously, characterless, check, circumspect,
     circumspectly, claudicant, clip the wings, cloddish, cold,
     colorless, conservative, crawling, crawlingly, creeping,
     creeping like snail, creepingly, curb, dallying, dawdling, dead,
     dead-and-alive, debilitated, decelerate, deep into, delay, delayed,
     delayed-action, delaying, deliberate, deliberately, dense, detain,
     detained, dilatorily, dilatory, dillydallying, dim, dim-witted,
     disinclined, dismal, do-nothing, doless, doltish, dopey, dormant,
     dragging, draggy, draw rein, drearisome, dreary, dronish, drony,
     droopy, drugged, dry, dryasdust, dull, dull of mind, dull-headed,
     dull-pated, dull-witted, dumb, dunch, dusty, ease off, ease up,
     easily, easy, easygoing, effete, elephantine, empty, enervated,
     ergophobic, etiolated, exanimate, fade, faineant, faltering,
     falteringly, far on, fat-witted, feebleminded, flagging, flat,
     foot-dragging, gentle, gently, good-for-nothing, gradual,
     gross-headed, grudging, half-witted, halting, haltingly, hasteless,
     heavy, hebetudinous, held up, hesitant, ho-hum, hobbled, hobbling,
     hold back, hold in check, hold up, hollow, humdrum, hung up, idle,
     idly, imbecile, impede, in a bind, in abeyance, in low gear,
     in march time, in slow motion, in slow tempo, inactive, inane,
     inanimate, indifferent, indisposed, indolent, indolently, inert,
     inexcitable, infrequent, insipid, jaded, jammed, jejune, keep back,
     lackadaisical, laggard, lagging, languid, languidly, languorous,
     languorously, late, latish, lax, lazy, leaden, leisurely, let down,
     let up, lethargic, lifeless, limited, limping, limpingly,
     lingering, lingeringly, listless, loath, loitering, loiteringly,
     lollygagging, lose ground, lose momentum, lose speed, low-spirited,
     lumbering, lumpish, measurable, measured, moderate, moderately,
     monotonous, moratory, moribund, moronic, never on time,
     nonaggressive, none too soon, not with it, numb, obstruct,
     obstructed, obtuse, old-fashioned, old-fogyish, out of date,
     out of it, overdue, pale, pallid, parasitic, pedestrian,
     perceptible, perfunctory, phlegmatic, plodding, pointless, pokily,
     poking, pokingly, poky, ponderous, pooped, procrastinating,
     procrastinative, procrastinatory, progressive, quiet, rare, reef,
     rein in, relax, relaxed, relaxedly, reluctant, reluctantly, remiss,
     renitent, restive, retard, retarded, rusty, sated, sauntering,
     scarce, scrounging, seldom met with, seldom seen, set back,
     shiftless, shuffling, simple, slack, slack off, slack up, slacken,
     sleepy, slothful, slow as death, slow as molasses, slow as slow,
     slow down, slow to, slow up, slow-crawling, slow-foot, slow-going,
     slow-legged, slow-moving, slow-paced, slow-poky, slow-running,
     slow-sailing, slow-stepped, slow-witted, slowly, sluggish,
     sluggishly, snail-paced, snaillike, solemn, somnolent, soporific,
     sparse, spiritless, sponging, square, staggering, stagnant,
     stagnating, stay, steady, sterile, stiff, stodgy, stolid, stopped,
     straggling, strolling, stuffy, stultified, stupid, superficial,
     supine, take in sail, take it easy, tame, tardily, tardy,
     tarryingly, tasteless, tedious, tentative, tentatively, thick,
     thick-brained, thick-headed, thick-pated, thick-witted,
     thickskulled, throttle down, tiresome, toddling, torpid,
     tortoiselike, tottering, trudging, turtlelike, uncommon,
     under easy sail, unenterprising, unenthusiastic, uneventful,
     unfrequent, unhasty, unhurried, unhurriedly, unimaginative,
     unintelligent, uninteresting, unique, unlively, unproductive,
     unprogressive, unpunctual, unready, unresponsive, untimely,
     unusual, unwilling, unzealous, vapid, vegetable, vegetative,
     waddling, wan, wearisome, weary, with agonizing slowness,
     with deliberation, wooden, work-shy, world-weary

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