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 for attention
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  115 Moby Thesaurus words for "attention":
     NB, TLC, absorption, acclaim, act of courtesy, acuity, acuteness,
     agility, alertness, amenity, anticipation, application, assiduity,
     attentions, attentiveness, audibility, audience, audition,
     aural examination, aural sense, auscultation, awareness, benignity,
     brightness, bugging, care, carefulness, caution, circumspection,
     circumspectness, civility, cognizance, concentration, concern,
     conference, consciousness, considerateness, consideration,
     courtesy, debate, deference, deliberation, devoirs, diligence,
     distinction, duties, eager attention, ear, eavesdropping, egards,
     electronic surveillance, engrossment, examination by ear, favor,
     favorable attention, forethought, gallantry, graceful gesture,
     hearing, heed, heedfulness, heeding, homage, honor,
     hushed attention, immersion, industry, intentness, interview,
     keenness, kindliness, limelight, listening, listening in,
     loving care, mark, mind, mindfulness, nimbleness, note, notice,
     notoriety, observance, observation, polite act, preparedness,
     prominence, promptitude, promptness, publicity, punctuality,
     quickness, rapt attention, readiness, regard, regardfulness,
     regards, remark, respects, reverence, sedulity, sedulousness,
     sense of hearing, sensibility, sharpness, sleeplessness, smartness,
     solicitude, study, tender loving care, thoughtfulness, tryout,
     urbanity, wakefulness, wiretapping

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